DIY Recipes: Bananas Delight!

Everything about Fall is great! Here’s a recipe!

Bananas Delight is one of my all-time favorites because it’s versatile AND delicious! I’ve eaten it for dinner, dessert, and even as a hearty late-night snack! 

If you use this recipe at one of your Fall parties, let me know in the comments below. I’m dying to hear all about it!

NOTE: You can totally enjoy Bananas Delight for breakfast; just don’t tell anyone about the wine.


1 bottle of wine

1 organic banana

1 jar of all-natural peanut-butter

1 spoon

1 Apple device – iPhone, iPad, MacBook, etc.

1 social media platform – Facebook or Instagram preferred.


1. Using Apple product, open social media platform. Scroll through feed and observe the success of everyone who graduated in your college class. 

2. Open bottle of wine. Pour wine into mug or glass. Drink ¼ of bottle, to taste. 

3. Spend 10-15 minutes stalking the vegan girl who lived across from you in your Freshman dorm. Note her career advancement, her foreign boyfriend, her recently published academic paper, and her perfect bikini body circa last month’s Bahamanian vacation.

4. Measure out ¼ wine bottle, drink.

5. Peel banana. Using the edge of the spoon, cut banana into small ½ inch chunks.

6. Remove lid from jar of peanut butter. If jar is new, you will need to stir the contents until oil blends smoothly with the nuts.

7. Begin Buzzfeed quiz to discover which Little Mermaid character you are.

8. Insert spoon into jar and scoop out 1 medium-size spoonful of well-stirred peanut butter. 

9. Complete Buzzfeed Quiz. Anticipate results.

10. Scuttle. You got fucking Scuttle.

11. Using fingers or spoon, attach 1 banana chunk to peanut butter.

12. Insert directly into mouth and chew while reading Facebook feed.

13. Repeat until all banana chunks have been consumed.

14. Mug/glass is no longer necessary; drink directly from the bottle until all wine is consumed.

15. Use the same spoon to continue eating peanut butter directly from the jar. Admit to yourself that the banana was only a sham excuse; this is the activity you’ve been waiting for. Continue to eat, reading about your ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend’s recent acceptance into Medical School, until you achieve literal nausea or until your Facebook feed begins to repeat itself.

Happy Autumn!



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