Why Am I Not Writing? Cont., cont.

Well because I’m shopping.

There are a lot of things to buy. I mean a lot. I need some professional clothes, which are also called “adult clothes” or “the kind of clothes you can wear to a job interview.” For example, once during college I went to Forever 21 and bought a transparent pink shirt that was part crop-top part sweater. This is does not count as an item I can wear to a job interview.

Things I could wear to a job interview include: sensible heels, shapeless blouses, shirts without holes, slacks from Ann Taylor, and skirts that don’t expose my underwear.

Shopping takes up a lot of time but it’s important. I can’t be a real writer if I don’t have anything to wear. I shop at malls, outlets, department stores, thrift stores, and Target. I shop on the Internet. I like to borrow clothing and I am always accepting gifts. 

I’m going for a certain “writerly style.” I envision it involves a lot of sweaters, neutral colors, and minimalist jewelry. When I achieve this look I know I’ll take my writing career more seriously.

Shopping takes a lot of time. I have to look at every item on every rack because really, you never know. This rack, and the next rack, and the next. I have to try on clothing that doesn’t look cute on the hanger because it might just look cute on me. I forget what I like to wear. I ask the shop assistants. 

I need to buy stylish clothes, too, because I recently moved to Los Angeles and became the only person I know who’s entire wardrobe was purchased at Target. One stylish thing I need to buy is a pair of ankle-high boots, also known as “booties,” because they are a must-have for Fall and can “transition” from day-wear to night-wear without looking “cheap.”

I do not want to look “cheap.”

I need black leather Adidas high tops. I need floral silk pants. I need a floppy hat. I need a big sweater I can use as an accent piece this season. I need a long cream-colored vintage dress and I need a new jacket to go with it.

I spend a lot of time shopping instead of writing but the big catch is that I almost never buy anything. Clothes are expensive. They don’t fit me like they fit the mannequins, models, or shop assistants. 

Every shopping trip is disappointing. But the next one might not be.

It isn’t going to be easy. Finding the right clothes, I mean. Adults spend a lot of time looking for their “forever clothing.” I need to keep my chin up. 

Which is why if I have a few hours free I owe it to myself to check out the boutiques down the street for any new arrivals. I can always write later. I’ve got to be an adult about these things. I’ve got to be responsible. I’ve got to do it right.


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