Why Am I Not Writing? Cont.

There was a heat wave in Los Angeles, and it was too hot. It really was. My apartment doesn’t have AC, just a dinky fan that moves the hot air from one side to another. And when the heat wave was over, I had to pick up a lot of shifts at work. And my boyfriend needed help with a project. And I was trying to learn how to cook.

And look, there’s more to work than just picking up shifts. There’s getting to work, working at work, coming home from work and applying for more work. There’s always more work and I need to apply for it, otherwise people will think I’m not trying hard enough to get better at working.

It’s also medical – why I am not writing, I mean. I need a full 8 hours of sleep. I might be still growing.

And like other adults, it’s important for me to get my heart rate above a certain threshold (into the Red Zone) at least four times a week. Otherwise I’ll get heart disease and look 40 by the time I turn 30. So I have to spend some time jogging and biking and attending yoga classes so as to continue catapulting my heart into the Red Zone. 

Plus, there are lots of people to talk to – on the phone, IRL, over email, via FB messenger. There’s always someone new I need to get to know, if only because they might know of more work and then I can spend some time applying for it. There’s an endless supply of old friends to call on the phone. And there’s always more I can say to my Mom.

Let’s not forget that learning how to cook is important; it’s not just something I can blow off. It’s really an adult thing to do. Yesterday I made a mushroom kale ragout and it was tasty and totally gluten-free and I should have Pinned the recipe.

I know I could be writing after work. But after I get home my mind feels stale and I just want to watch some TV and drink whiskey.

Even after taking some time to unwind and scroll through my feed(s), I don’t think it’s a good idea to open up a document and start typing away. Writing is too stimulating (though not stimulating enough to put one’s heart in the Red Zone), so it should never be done right before bed, or on a full stomach. And like I said, I need 8 hours of sleep. I might still be growing.


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