11 Clouds Dressed As Animals

Everyone is trying to find clouds shaped like animals while I’m over here trying to find animals shaped like clouds.

Clouds are masters of disguise, so a keen eye and refined palate are critical if you want to find one in full costume. Here’s a gallery of my favorite incognito clouds on the internet.

1. This obese goat who is actually a low-hanging cumulus.


2. This cloud in an Angora bunny suit. Like many clouds, this creature does not have eyes. Unlike clouds, we can make its fur into a sweater.


3. This cloud bank. Not pictured: baby seal.


4. This Persian cat. “Persian cat” is actually Hungarian for “cloud monkey.” Isn’t language amazing?


5. This white owl. Actually, white owls are what happens when a persian cat mates with a cumulonimbus.


6. This cloud in a pomeranian costume. Fact: when Plato came up with his theory of Forms, he believed that clouds were trying to represent this animal.


7. This fucking spider. This stupid fucking spider.


8. This caterpillar. Unsurprisingly, when one googles “fluffy white insect” this image is the fifth result even though it’s just a cloud in a bad suit.


9. This cloud in a silkie chicken costume. I have 19 separate images of this chicken saved to my computer because its cloud game is sooo proper.

fluffy14 fluffy12

10. This cloud disguised as a fashion-forward peacock. Incidentally my spirit animal.


11. This smug alpaca. Smug because he’s not actually an alpaca, he’s just a tricky-ass cloud trying to fuck with you.



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